My Healthy Lifestyle Classes promote healthy living and feeling good about yourself.

Zumba Gold is designed for people starting out in exercise or the more mature adult. I explain all the steps before each dance. Women and men of any age are welcome. You don't have to be fit, thin or young.

Zumba Gold is exercise in disguise! It is suitable for everyone. You don’t have to be fit, thin or young. We provide easy to learn exercise/dancing in a fun and enjoyable social environment. Zumba Gold is safe and suitable for all ages and for people of any fitness level. It is different! The music, the steps, the moves, the class, the energy – nothing compares to a Zumba Fitness Party! It can improve circulation and burn calories. It can tone muscle, helps reduce blood pressure, reduces body fat, improves balance and posture, reduces stress and increases flexibility and range of motion.